What sort of flowers
would you like?

We've a wide range of attractive floral gifts:         


  • arrangements: large, medium or small         
  • basket arrangements
  • tied bunches, ready for a vase

  • bouquets
  • aqua packs
  • cut flowers
  • You can choose scented flowers, or flowers with a colour theme. How about a seasonal bouquet?

    If you'd like to order some flowers for delivery within the Morecambe and Lancaster area, just ring 01524 831355 and give your Credit Card details.

    Alternatively, you can e-mail derek@flowershop.org.uk or send a fax on 01524 831244.

    R o b i n s o n ' s

    - t h e   B a r e   F l o r i s t

    12 Princes Crescent, Bare, Morecambe, Lancashire, UK

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